Market Analysis

Perhaps you are a start-up focused on the animal health industry or maybe you've already built a product or business in another market and believe it may have additional applications in the field of veterinary medicine. Regardless of your current position, assessment of the landscape you'll be entering is essential for future success both in terms of market entry and positioning your product for potential investors or stakeholders.

Dr. Kock can help by pulling together a market analysis summary specific to your business case or idea based on published literature, market research and personal interviews. She'll also conduct a review of existing products or technologies in the market and seek out voice of customer to understand how those products are being marketed, sold, where they are exceeding expectations and where there may be areas to improve or expand.


The devil is in the details and even if you have a great idea, putting together all of the logistics to make it come to life can be complex. Although the end result should be easy for your customer or target audience, this can be complicated and require a lot of hard work!

Dr. Kock can help you map out a path to commercialization and create a product roadmap helping to prioritize the addition of new features and align the roadmap with a path to market along with a sales and marketing plan. She can also help you engage and align with the best partners and key opinion leaders in the market to help leverage success.


You've got something awesome to share with the world! Now what? In addition to communicating with your customer, it's also important to consider additional layers such as internal stakeholders, investors and partners. Communicating in a manner and style that resonates with your audience is paramount to success and requires time to develop.

Dr. Kock can assist you in crafting messaging and communications that are impactful for your audience. These services can range from assistance with business plans and investor decks to marketing collateral such as social media, technical flyers and product support. Dr. Kock can also assist in the creation of training programs and education for both veterinary teams and sales/support professionals that strikes just the right balance of technical simplicity.

Past Work Examples

Research Publications

de Groot, M., Anderson, H., Bauer, H., Bauguil, C., Bellone, R.R., Brugidou, R., Buckley, R.M., Dovč, P., Forman, O., Grahn, R.A., Kock, L., Longeri, M., Mouysset-Geniez, S., Qiu, J., Sofronidis, G., van der Goor, L.H.P. and Lyons, L.A. (2021), Standardization of a SNP panel for parentage verification and identification in the domestic cat (Felis silvestris catus). Anim Genet, 52: 675-682.

Content Creation

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