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New technology is exciting but realizing its benefit to the full potential can be a challenge.

Deep Dive DVM serves the veterinary and animal health industry by assisting with the commercialization and application of data-driven, health-related software and hardware solutions, including diagnostics. Clients include both veterinary hospitals and companies who are (or aspire to be) in the animal health industry.


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Meet Dr. Lindsey Kock

Lindsey Kock (pronounced kUk) is a veterinarian with both clinical experience and industry expertise. Her passion lies not only with animals, but in helping the veterinary team utilize technology that enables them to serve their patients and clients to the best of their ability.

After graduating from the University of Nebraska Cooperative Program in Veterinary Medicine and Iowa State University in 2012, Dr. Kock joined Southern Hills Veterinary Services as an associate veterinarian and practiced mixed animal medicine at their multi-location practice in southwest Iowa. In 2015, Dr. Kock joined the Neogen team at their genomics lab in Lincoln, Nebraska leading the global companion animal DNA testing business.

Dr. Kock's unique perspective of the challenges in daily veterinary practice combined with a view of emerging technology and innovation inspired her to create Deep Dive DVM Veterinary Consulting, LLC as a way to engage with companies aligned with her mission of serving the veterinary community. You can contact her at